About Us

JuicyCherries is 100% Irish owned and operated company based in Limerick.
All of our products are fully stock in our warehouse. That means no delay with your delivery and no split order.

Our Vision

JuicyCherries believe that sexual pleasure, intimacy and satisfaction are at the core of human nature that is why we want to change the way that any men and any women experience sex accessories. We believe that sex is healthy, playful and that it provide vital sparks to everyone’s day life. We have chosen our products to maximize your pleasure, spark your romance and enhance your sexual experience.

People are becoming more open to sex, but talking about sex is still a taboo in our private and public lives. The awareness of their own sexuality is still evolving. JuicyCherries respect people’s variety of sexual experiences and believe that there should be no judgment or shame about their desires. We always listen and respond to each of our customers. Our goal is to help make the world more sex positive and shame free around sexual health and sexuality.

Our Shop

Our online boutique is both stylish and discreet. Each one of our products has been carefully hand-selected for their quality, performance and refined beauty. We are committed to offering our customers the most luxurious pleasure from top rated sex toys all of which are body safe and crafted from the highest quality materials. Add some explosive excitement to your sex life with our selection of Vibrators, Dildos, Masturbators, Couple Sex Toys Kits, Anal Toys, Fetish & BDSM, Sexy Lingerie, and Sensual Warming Oils, Massage Candles and Lubes.
These sort of Sex Toys and accessories not only spice up boring bedroom routines and add some spark to sex life but also enhance intimacy and improve relationship.

Every item is high-quality product made with body-safe materials. All sex toys, lingerie and adult accessories are selected for superior quality and durability, and our prices are the best you’ll find anywhere online.

We have everything you need to make your night something to remember.
We have the enhancers and accessories you have been looking for.

Special Requests

If you do not see a particular product you are looking for, send us an email and let us know. We will do our best to add the requested product to our shop. We offer customized orders for any “hard to find” or kinky items. If you have anything specific you are looking for please contact us giving as much information as you can find, i.e. links to images found on google, and we will contact you back with the information when or if we can fulfill your request.

About Privacy

At JuicyCherries your privacy should never be compromised, and all of our orders are packaged in the most discreet manner with no details as to what pleasures await inside. Please read more about JuicyCherries Discreet Packaging and Privacy Policy.

Thank You